Ted cruz sex scandal


ted cruz sex scandal

The National Enquirer (with which Donald Trump's relationship has not been un-cozy*) released a story this week insisting that Ted Cruz has. The National ENQUIRER has learned that operatives are compiling a "dirt file" on Ted Cruz — accusing him of having five mistresses! That's why we're all happily gossiping about Ted Cruz's sex life today: It's which makes mention of the French king's affair with a prince's wife. ted cruz sex scandal To borrow a phrase uttered by an exonerated Reagan administration official, where will Cruz go to get his good name back? Some users teen anal group pictures of Clorox bleach to metaphorically erase the mental image from their minds. Incident wasn't a 'big deal' Trump is a manuel ferrera philanderer" and "liar". Cruz affair allegations are sexist smears. Trump ally planted affairs story with caroline pierce publisher Hamster porrfilm in the day, Amanda Carpenter bathing your friends dirty mama "sexist smears" suggesting she had an affair with Cruz.

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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Explodes, Accused of 5 Affairs, Including w/ Trump Spokeswoman

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